Carbon black BMW M3 (E46) Paint Correction and Detailing

Carbon black BMW M3 (E46) Paint Correction and Detailing 1080 607 Exclusive Car Care

Thanks for taking the time to view another post from us. This time we have a BMW M3 (E46) in carbon black that was booked in for our Paint Correction Detail

Here is a few photo’s of the paintwork in the sun after it was washed, decontaminated and completely stripped of any glazes/fillers or protection.

Below are a few “before and after” photos during the paint correction process (prior to any refining stages)

Few 50/50 shot’s showing the difference made



Here is a few shots from around the car after 3 stages of machine polishing were complete.. This folks is how carbon black should look!!


Paint was given a IPA wipedown to remove any polishing oils and then Gtechniq C1 was applied.

Roof was treated with Gtechniq I1 which was brushed on and left to dry before a second was applied.

Exhausts polished with Britemax twins

And finally we have the end result with the sun showing the true, defect-free condition of the carbon black paintwork!!


If you would like to book your own paint correction detail, or find the perfect detailing package for your car, contact us today so that we can better assist you in all of your vehicle reconditioning needs.

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