Gloss Enhancement Detail

The Gloss Enhancement Detail is designed to enhance the gloss, clarity and depth of your paintwork and includes a single stage machine polish which will remove wash marring and light swirls that make your paintwork look dull and hazy.

This detail is designed for vehicles with paintwork which may contain minor paint defects such as wash marring and polishing holograms.

While not considered a “perfection detail” given the single stage process, a big transformation in the condition of the paint can be achieved. On softer paints (Japanese cars for instance), we can usually remove 50-70% of all swirls, haze, and light defects, whereas on harder paints (German brands), this could be 30-40%.

There are a lot of different variables that dictate just how much correction that you can safely achieve in a one step process, and we approach each car and paint system accordingly to maximise results for the given budget or goals.