Matte Paint/Vinyl Detail

Matte paint or vinyl wrapped vehicles

Conventional carnauba waxes should not be used on matt paint finishes and matt vinyl wraps, as they contain gloss enhancing oils that can permanently degrade the matt effect.

Matt finish paints and Vinyl wrapped cars are becoming ever more popular within the car industry today. Unfortunately as fashionable and good looking as these finishes are, there’s are a few drawbacks when trying to keep up on the finishes appearance.

Matt paint and matt vinyl wrap are both an extremely vulnerable to stains, marks and scratches this is due to its high surface area and its porous properties. The finish is highly susceptible to scratches as well as all liquid contaminants such as, greasy finger prints, bird droppings, road salts, detergent shampoos, and so on…

Due to the high surface area of the paint this means that the finish can not be corrected using standard methods as practised on usual car paint finishes. In fact there is no solution yet on the market to correct stains and scratches, meaning the only solution to keep the finish in top order is to protect from day one and not needing to correct.

We have the solution to keep up the appearance of the matt finish, without effecting its unique looking finish.

Here is a Ford RS500 that underwent our treatment to protect the very delicate finish from gloss and other damage

Prices start from £300