New Car Preparation and Protection Detail

You’d expect a new car to be delivered and presented with the utmost of care, with flawless paintwork and perfect in every way. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case as new cars often leave the factory production line with paint imperfections such as machine buffer trails and sanding marks. Poor unskilled PDI valet at the dealership can also lead to a whole array of defects and problem areas that may need addressing such as fine scratches, surface marring, machine holograms, bird lime etching and industrial fallout to name but a few.

Most dealership’s offer poor quality protection packages (Supaguard, Diamondbrite, Autoglym Lifeshine and Gard X to name a few) that cost £400+ with bold claims that the protection will last for many years which seems convenient but it simply doesn’t represent value for money. These packages are often applied incorrectly and over poor paint finishes as the dealership valeters are given minimal time and little training in how to prepare and protect your new pride and joy.

Our New Car Detail typically takes 2 – 3 days to complete, we make sure the car immaculately clean and free from contaminants before carrying out a single stage machine polish to increase gloss levels and remove any fine swirl marks or imperfections ensuring the paintwork is perfect before protecting it.

With our TSP (Total Surface Protection) Bundle, alloy wheels are removed to be coated inside and out, exterior glass sealed with a durable rain repellent, interior upholstery treated to a scotch guard fabric protectant and leather seats receiving a water-based dirt & dye transfer barrier. All in, the best start in life for your new purchase.

You can view examples of our New Car Detail carried out by clicking here.

Let us take on the preparation work and ensure that you receive your vehicle in perfect condition with the very best in protection!

Swissvax Carnuaba Treatment

Swissvax is a uniquely handcrafted car care system made in Switzerland and designed to be the finest product line of automotive cosmetic maintenance in the world.

The Swissvax system comprises two major components: a cleaning pre-wax oil which prepares and nourishes the surface, followed by Swissvax Crystal Rock carnauba wax.

There are, quite simply, no compromises when it comes to Swissvax’s pursuit of the ultimate wax and car care system. This treatment does need topping up on a regular basis.

PRICE: from £260
GLOSS: *****

Gyeon Quartz Cloth

Q² DuraBead is a professional set of coatings for Gyeon Certified Detailers only. Q² DuraBead is a advanced, two-ingredient and multi-layer ceramic coating. Multiple layers of Q² Mohs + as the base coat topped with a extremely hydrophobic, flourine based top coat Q² Bead result with uncompared hydrophobicity, self-cleaning and great durability.

It ensures the highest quality and an incomparable visual effect amongst ceramic coatings, even in comparison with high-end waxes. Backed with a 5 year guarantee!

PRICE: from £465
GLOSS: *****

Crystal Serum is a professional ceramic automotive coating dedicated to authorised Gtechniq detailers only. It provides ceramic protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance.

The composite structure offers ultimate safeguard, plus the same slick finish and candy-like gloss as the very best carnauba waxes. Backed with a 7 year guarantee!

For the definitive hydrophobic finish it can be over coated with EXO – this is known as a CS Black treatment.

PRICE: from £475
GLOSS: *****