Winter Protection Detail

With the summer over and the colder months fast approaching your vehicle will be more exposed to wet conditions and harsher elements like corrosive road salt, snow, and frost. An adequate form of protection is essential during the winter months to help form a barrier against these elements, and keep you car in tip top condition.

Our Winter Protection Detail is designed for the British winter and to help provide maximum protection against it until spring arrives.

Our Winter Protection Detail takes 1 day to complete and includes the following:

  • Wheels cleaned, including brake calipers (wheels removed if requested at additional cost)
  • Tyres and wheel arches fully cleaned
  • Vehicle given a pre wash with an citrus degreaser including door shuts
  • Vehicle is given a thorough hand wash using a lambs wool washmitt
  • Full paintwork and glass decontamination
  • Paintwork machined with a paint cleanser to aid bonding process of sealant
  • 2 layers of Sealant applied to all paintwork including door shuts
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned, polished and protected
  • Tyres, exterior plastic’s and rubber trim cleaned and conditioned
  • Wheels and brake calipers sealed with sealant
  • Exterior and interior windows cleaned
  • Windscreen treated with Gtechniq G1 to improve visibility in wet conditions
  • Door seals and rubbers treated
  • Interior dusted & vacuumed

Price: £200 – £300