Land Rover Discovery HSE – New Car Detail

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This Land Rover Discovery HSE was a new purchase for a regular client and was booked in for our New Car Detailing package. The owner wanted long lasting easily maintainable protection so opted for our GTechniq Crystal Serum Treament.

Crystal Serum forms a thick protective barrier which makes it perfect for soft paint finishes which can easily be marked from routine washing. The 9H top and softer 7h base layer of Crystal Serum improves swirl resistance and greatly reduces surface hazing.

Few “before & afters” taken during the polishing stages with  Rupes coupled with a Lake Country Hydro pad & Megs 205

Land Rover Discovery HSE - New Car Detail




Here is the finish after the machine polishing stages were complete.




The paintwork was wiped down with Spies Hecker 7010 to remove any traces of silicone and polish residue before application of Gtechniq Crystal Serum.

The windows were cleaned and then sealed using Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass; a hydrophobic barrier which encourages rain water to bead and blow away when driving  in wet weather conditions. The wheels were removed from vehicle and fully coated with Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour which provides a barrier against brake dust and road grime build up. The tyres were dressed with Gtechniq T1


And the end result







Land Rover Discovery HSE - New Car Detail

Land Rover Discovery HSE - New Car Detail

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