Limited Edition BMW M3 in Santorini Blue

Limited Edition BMW M3 in Santorini Blue 1080 607 Exclusive Car Care

Thanks for taking the time to view another post from us. This time we have a Limited Edition (1 of 500) BMW M3 in Santorini Blue!!!

Most people assume that brand new cars are as good as it gets, and therefore no detailing work is required but this actually isn’t the case as new cars can also benefit and this is why we offer our New Car Detail This treatment will ensure you receive your car in perfect condition with the very best in protection

My client took delivery of his new Limited Edition M3 and immediately noticed swirl marks in the paint so he contacted me to arrange a date to get his new car looking how it should – PERFECT.

Luckily the dealer agreed to pay some money towards the cost of the detail after client kindly declined their offer to try and correct the mess themselves. They even offered space for me to carry out the work using their facilities but client in the end decided to make the 2 hour journey up-to me from Exeter to have the work done as I would have no interruptions and guaranteed space.

Below are a few before & afters clearly showing the amount of defects that were present on this new car.

DA sanding marks left behind from the factory

Paintwork looking much better after 3 stages of machine polishing to remove the defects and add as much gloss as possible.

Paintwork was coated with Gtechniq C1+ which offers great protection and can last 2+ years

The following day C1 was topped with Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal which made the paint very slick and added even more gloss.

The exhaust box is easily visible from behind so I spent a few minutes tidying this up to make it look a bit more presentable. This was then sealed with Blackfire Metal Sealant.

Wheels were removed so they could be sealed with Gtechniq C5 including the brake calipers

Few shots of the car all completed.

If you would like to book your own New Car Detail, or find the perfect detailing package for your car, contact us today so that we can better assist you in all of your vehicle reconditioning needs.

Thanks for reading!