Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film, also known as “PPF” and “Clear Bra”, is the absolute best way to protect your car’s paint from the everyday wear and tear from being driven on road, allowing your car to stay looking new indefinitely. Modern environmentally friendly paints tend to scratch easier and are more prone to stone chips than paints of the past. After only a few hundred miles, stone chips often start to appear on the front end and other high impact areas of todays cars.


A digitally designed pattern is pre-cut in-house using a Graphtec Plotter before being applied to each panel. This leads to a precision alignment and eliminates the need to cut on the vehicle.


Up to ten-years manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, peeling, staining, yellowing
and hazing. Covering both film and labour costs.


The clear top coat employs elastomeric polymers that allow the surface of the film to heal over time, eliminating fine surface scratches and swirling. This technology means that over the course of a few hours at room temperature, or even sped up by the heat of the sun, fine surface scratches literally disappear into the surface. It truly is something that must be seen to be believed. Here is a video showcasing the self healing properties in action against a wire brush.

Equally important as the quality of the film itself, is how it is installed. What differentiates our installs from most is the length we go to make sure the install is as invisible and seamless as possible. It all starts with the proper prep work: washing, decontaminating, clay barring, and polishing the paint to ensure a pristine surface prior to install. Many installers are uneducated in proper car care and use aggressive techniques to clean a car prior to film installation, ultimately damaging your paint only for you to find out later. Being a professional detailer, we are well versed in how to safely clean and prep a car and never rush the process or use aggressive techniques. We also wrap and tuck every edge possible, ensuring an install free of ugly lines and seams that would otherwise accumulate dirt and wax over the life of the film. Removing badges, headlights, and other fixtures when necessary, we always go the extra mile to ensure that every car we install film on leaves not only well protected, but with an invisible install that will stand the test of time. We enjoy taking the extra time needed to do the job properly, as we see benefits of providing the highest quality installation possible to our customers.

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Whether you’re looking to get just your bumper protected, or even your whole car wrapped, we have you covered. Here are some of our most popular PPF packages we offer.

Standard Package

Offering protection to the most vulnerable areas that are prone to stone chipping and pitting on the front of the car.

The standard PPF package consists of coverage to the front of bonnet, bumper, front of wings, and wing mirrors. This is a great package for anyone seeking a basic level of protection to prevent stone chips from to the most common areas.

Prices from £600 + Vat

Standard Paint Protection Film Kit

Full Front Package

Our most popular PPF package, offering full protection to the entire front end of the car as well as particularly vulnerable areas along the sides.

A great option for anyone wanting substantial protection from stone chips whilst the film remains extremely subtle on the car with full panel coverage. The Full Front Package consists of full coverage to the bonnet, front bumper, front wings and side mirrors.

Prices from £1300 + Vat

Full Frontal Paint Protection Film Kit

Complete Package

Offering complete protection to all the external painted and carbon lacquered areas of the car. Self-healing top coat will prevent swirl marks and light surface scratches to the entire car.

Our most extensive PPF package is the ideal solution for customers seeking complete piece of mind. Benefits of complete coverage include protection to doors and rear quarter panels; damage is often caused to paintwork from careless motorists opening doors as well as unintentional light scratches inflicted from passers-by.

Prices from £3800 + Vat

Complete Coverage Paint Protection Film Kit