BMW Detailing

Welcome to our BMW Detailing and Paint Protection category, where we provide comprehensive services tailored specifically for BMW owners.

Our skilled team of detailing professionals specialises in restoring and preserving the beauty of your BMW, ensuring it looks its absolute best for years to come. With meticulous attention to detail, we offer a range of services including thorough interior and exterior cleaning, paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint protection film installation.

BMW M2 Competition New Car Preparation & Paint Protection Film

BMW M2 Competition Paint Protection

On the surface, the BMW M2 Competition looks like a lightly fettled version of the standard M2 car. The biggest change is found under the bonnet, where the M2’s old turbocharged straight-six, which could trace its roots back to the unit in the fairly run-of-the-mill M135i, has been replaced by the full-fat, BMW Motorsport developed engine from the M4. 

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BMW i8 – Ultimate New Car Protection Detail

BMW i8 - Ultimate New Car Protection Detail | Exclusive Car Care 22

The BMW i8 really shook up not only the sports car world when it arrived in 2014, but also the car world in general. It’s one of the most crucial cars of the last decade and marks an achievement of true innovation in terms of design, performance and efficiency by BMW. In years to come we could even look back on this car as the one that saved the supercar thanks to this enticing blend. 

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