Matte/Satin Paint Protection Detail

An intensive deep clean and protection suited for vehicles with matte satin paintwork

More and more manufacturers are now offering matte and satin paint finishes, such as BMW Frozen finishes and the Mercedes-Benz Designo Magno matte paint line. Unfortunately as fashionable and good looking as these finishes are, there’s are a few drawbacks when trying to keep up on the finishes appearance.

Satin and matte paints are susceptible to staining from greasy fingerprints, bugs, traffic film, bird droppings, conventional car shampoos, waxes and sealants, which can ruin the appearance by degrading the matte satin effect. Due to the high surface area of the paint this means that the finish can not be polished using standard methods as practised on usual car paint finishes. In fact there is no solution yet on the market to correct stains and scratches, meaning the only solution to keep the finish in top order is to protect from day one!

Using various professional, premium grade products that are specifically designed for satin matte finishes. It is now possible to not only clean these finishes but to offer durable protection through a specially formulated wax, ceramic coating or Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF).

We have the solution to keep up the appearance of the matte satin finish, without effecting its unique looking finish.

Pricing: from £360
Duration: 2 – 3 days

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