Jaguar F-Type S – Minor Correction Detail with Gyeon Q² DuraBead

The owner of this Jaguar F-Type S contacted us after seeing some of our work a Jaguar F-Type member posted up on the forum and wanted the same for his car. Due to the level of swirls, polishing holograms and scratches the car was booked into for a Minor Paintwork Correction Treatment.

The usual wash and decontamination stages were carried out but no photos were taken of these stages as it was a very wet day with heavy rain.

The wheels and brake calipers were treated with Gyeon Q2 Rim, this coating provides comprehensive resistance to wash chemicals as well as brake dust build up.

Infra-red heat lamps were used to accelerate the curing process by heating the treated wheels to 60°C for 10 minutes and then a second coat of Gyeon Q2 Rim was applied for added durabilty.

The wheel bolts were given a polish to remove the build of grime and oxidation and then coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim

Below are a few before and after shots during the first stage of machine polishing.

The gloss black trim on front bumper polished

Rear diffuser polished, this area is often left by most detailers as it is out of sight but here at ECC we polish all areas that can be reached.

Paintwork was given a further stage of machine polishing to improve the clarity and add more gloss.

Bonnet louvres were removed and polished to remove the build up of polish and dirt.

Here you can see the difference between the polished louvre (left) and the untreated louvre.

The paintwork was given a final wipe down with Gyeon Q2 Prep to remove polish residues, leaving the surface free of any elements that may interfere with the sealant bonding process.  The customer had decided upon Gyeon Q² DuraBead as the final protective coating which backed by a five year conditional warranty provided by Gyeon and supported by us.

Gyeon Q² DuraBead is a state of the art quartz coating system that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint. It achieves this through the use of two distinct products that are supplied as a kit; Gyeon Q² Mohs+ and Gyeon Q² Bead. The former uses the latest in low volatile content silicon (Si) technology to lay down a hybrid film of perhydropolysilazane (PHPS), hydroxyl-rich organic co-polymers and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) that condenses rapidly to form an amorphous organic-silica nano-composite that chemically bonds to painted surfaces at the molecular level. Unlike rival products, Gyeon Q² Mohs actually gains molecular weight as it cures (as skeletal Si-N bonds are replaced with Si-O bonds), which improves its structural integrity and restricts its shrinkage to 5% during the curing process (the average figure for SiO2 coatings is 30%). As a result, each coat of Gyeon Q² Mohs imparts a measurable 0.2 micron increase in total paint thickness, and significantly improves the scratch resistance of the underlying finish.

The second product in the system, Gyeon Q² Bead, lays down a nano-scale film of organofluorine polymers with reactive silyl groups that condense rapidly to form a smooth fluorinated layer that chemically bonds to the Gyeon Q² Mohs basecoat. As a result of comprising a greater proportion of organic components (hydrocarbons), this sacrificial topcoat subtly alters the look of the Gyeon Q² Mohs finish (by adding extra richness and gloss) and modifies its behaviour with respect to water and oil-based liquids. Whereas surfaces treated with Gyeon Q² Mohs become moderately water-hating (hydrophobic), the addition of Gyeon Q² Bead significantly enhances this effect, to the point where water droplet contact angles on horizontal surfaces reach 120°. This extreme hydrophobicity causes rainfall and rinse water to bead up and roll off even more quickly, which not only enhances the self-cleaning effect for which Gyeon Q² Mohs is famed, but also serves to reduce the risk of water spots forming during the first few weeks following application. Moreover, surfaces treated with Gyeon Q² Bead also become naturally oil-repellent (lipophobic), meaning that it effectively seals them against graffiti and most other forms of paint.

In addition to the strong self-cleaning and anti-vandalism properties outlined above, Gyeon Q² DuraBead also provides excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt and harmful UV radiation for upwards of sixty months (it is impervious to cleaning chemicals and pressure washing, and once fully cured can only be removed by machine polishing)

We apply three coats of Gyeon Q² Mohs+ for optimum durability. Here we are using infra-red heat lamps to accelerate the curing process between the  three coats of  Q² Mohs by heating the treated panels to 60°C for 10 minutes.

Once the Gyeon Q² Mohs+ layers have cured with over coat it with Gyeon Q² Bead.

The glass was machine polished with CarPro Ceriglass to remove the stubborn water stains and was then treated with Gtechniq G1 Clearvision Smart Glass.

Gtechniq G1 Clearvision Smart Glass is a hydrophobic sealant that repels water, making driving easier for the driver during bad weather conditions. As a function of the hydrophobic property, snow and ice do not bond as easily to treated glass, making early morning starts much easier during the winter months.

Exhaust tips were polished and then coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim.

With the paintwork corrected and all the surfaces now protected, the Jaguar looked better than new!

If you are a Jaguar owner and are looking to have your car brought up to a high standard please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01225 571161 or email

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