Paint Correction

Remove Scratches, Swirl Marks and general paint defects From Your Cars Paintwork Leaving It Better Then Showroom Condition

Paint Correction Services

Paint correction is a long and labour-intensive process which will remove defects and imperfections in paintwork such as swirls marks, scratches, buffer trials, oxidation and etching from bird droppings. Utilizing the best products and safest techniques, we’re able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without compromising the paint thickness.

We can usually guarantee full correction of > 95% of paint defects present (subject to paint depth and defect severity) with the process taking on average 20 – 40 hours to complete. Paint correction can often eliminate the need for an expensive re-spray and often restore the paintwork to a level that is above the original factory finish.

After our paint correction process clarity will be restored and you will notice that light will be perfectly reflected and the colour of the vehicle is greatly enhanced leaving a breathtaking finish, in some cases leaving it in better condition than the day your vehicle left the factory.

Please Note: Paint correction will not fix stone chips or scratches that have gone through the lacquer – those are beyond the scope of any machine polishing! Compromise has to be made on areas with thin clear coat where it would be impractical to sacrifice lacquer and to run the risk of burning through.

Enhancement – 2 Stage Machine Polish

Focuses on paint that has moderate swirl marks and light scratches and consists of two stages of machine polishing. The first step is an abrasive cut using a compound to remove the swirls and light scratches. The second step is refining the paintwork with a finishing pad and polish to enhance the gloss after the cutting process. We aim to achieve approx 80% defect correction

Price: £595 – £895

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Correction – Multi Stage Machine Polish

This level of paint correction is designed for paint that has heavy swirl marks, scratches and other paint defects, it involves multi-stages of machine polishing chasing paint perfection, and this can also include spot wet sanding for heavier scratches. We aim to achieve 90-95% defect correction

Price: £995 – £1295

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FAQs Regarding Paint Correction

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of correcting or removing imperfections in a vehicle’s paint surface. These could range from minor scratches to etched-in water spots, buffer holograms, paint overspray, bird poo etching, oxidation, sanding marks and other damage visible on your car’s clear coat.

What Paint Protection After Paint Correction?

There are a few options which include sealant, wax and ceramic coatings. For the best protection, we highly recommended having a ceramic coating applied due to its durability and the longevity it offers. For low-mileage cars, we would also recommend having PPF paint protection film applied to the high-impact areas of the car.

Is Paint Correction Worth Doing?

If your car is something you take pride in and highly care about, paint correction is worth it. Aside from the visual benefit of a high gloss finish, it can also increase its residual value.

How Long Does Paint Correction Take to Do?

The process can take anywhere between 20 – 40 hours to complete, depending on your vehicle’s size and the condition of the paintwork. Every car requires a different approach and different combinations of compounds, polishes and pads.

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