Tesla Model 3 New Car Detail with Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coatings

So You Bought a New Tesla Model 3, Are You Looking To Protect It From The Abuse Of Daily Driving?

Exclusive’s Car Care Ultimate New Car Detail package is perfect for you!

Understanding how regular driving can negatively impact the value of your car over time, we put together a package of services that are designed to enhance and protect your Tesla for the long term. The Ultimate New Car Detail combines machine polishing to refine the finish of the paint, paint protection film (PPF) to protect your car’s paintwork from stone chips & minor abrasions, and ceramic coatings to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface of the car’s panels.


Before any machine polishing begins, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the vehicle. We decontaminate it both chemically and mechanically to remove embedded contaminants that have settled on the paint throughout its production and transportation to the dealership.

Machine Polish

As part of the Ultimate New Car Detail Package, a single-stage machine polish is included to remove the minor imperfections that arrive from the factory and dealership. Many times, new cars, even those with just delivery miles, have swirls, holograms, etching or haziness in the paint. This comes from the dozens of people who touched your car during production and then transportation to the dealership. The PDI (pre-delivery inspection) valet at the dealership can then also contribute to a poor paint finish from poor wash & drying techniques and improper machine polishing.

Due to the severity of the defects on this new Tesla Model 3 a two-stage machine polish (paint correction) was needed to completely remove the machine buffing marks and swirl marks.

Paint Protection Film

As a part of our Ultimate New Car Detail, high-impact area paint protection film is applied to areas that take the most abuse from daily driving and use. We define the high impact areas to be the entire front end of the car (front bumper, headlights, front wings, bonnet, A-pillars & mirrors), the lower rocker panels, luggage area and the areas behind the rear wheels, this coverage is also known as our Performance PPF Package.

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film was used which is self healing and carries a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

After coverage is chosen, we pre-design using the Xpel DAP Design Software, this allows us to custom wrap edges and extend coverage. The computer-generated templates are then cut in-house using a Graphtec 8600 Plotter.

Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection

During the installation process

All edges are wrapped/tucked where possible for a seamless look

The delicate gloss black centre console sections were also protected with paint protection film to keep them swirl and scratch-free,

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings help prevent dirt and debris from adhering to the surfaces that they are applied to, making the regular cleaning of your car much easier over time. These coatings can be applied to paintwork, paint protection film, glass, wheels, brake calipers, fabric carpet and floormats, and leather. Our entire aim in applying protective coatings on this Tesla Model 3 is to keep it cleaner, for longer, and make it incredibly easy to wash and shed dirt, salt, snow, and rain.

On this Tesla Model 3 the customer opted to protect the vehicle with the Gyeon Quartz range of ceramic coatings. The paintwork and paint protection film was coated with Gyeon Quartz Duraflex dual-layer ceramic coating which carries a 5-year guarantee.

Gyeon Quartz Rim was used on the alloy wheels and brake calipers, this will prevent brake dust from etching into the surface and allows nearly all of the brake dust to rinse off when cleaned with a pressure washer.

Wheel Coating curing under infrared lamps…

Wheel centre caps coated with Gyeon Quartz Trim

And the end result…. perfect paint, high gloss, and long term protection!

Contact us today if you are looking for something similar to be carried out on your Tesla! Give us a call on 01225 571161 to discuss your requirements.

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