Protect Your Car with Paint Protection Film

Safeguard your cars paintwork against stone chips, scuffs, scratches and vandalism with paint protection film.

Discover the benefits of self-healing PPF for your car today!

XPEL Certified PPF Installation

Exclusive Car Care are Xpel Trained PPF installers, a market leader in self healing Paint Protection Film technology.

Paint Protection Film or PPF is an extremely tough and durable self-healing film that is applied to your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas to provide a near-invisible shield between the elements and your paintwork. Its purpose is to maintain the beauty and integrity of the vehicle’s factory finish for many years, whilst providing the ultimate level of protection against stone chips, minor scuffs and scrapes, bug splatter, and unsightly swirl marks associated with routine washing. 

Exclusive Car Care is an official XPEL PPF Installation Centre for the South West, meaning we have access to the highest performing paint protection film on the market.

We offer two finishes of protection films – XPEL Ultimate Plus, one of the most advanced clear gloss films on the market due to its self-healing abilities and XPEL Stealth, which offers a sleek satin matte finish.

10 Year Warranty

Virtually Invisible

Prevents Wear & Tear

Stain Resistant


Easy Maintenance

PPF - Paint Protection Film Installation

PPF Prices & Packages

We offer a variety of PPF options best suited to your vehicle and usage needs; with an extensive pattern database, we are able to provide a wide range of coverage for almost any vehicle, from just a front bumper to a full car. Every installation is backed by a comprehensive 10 year warranty

The packages you see below are the most commonly requested installation options.

Full Frontal PPF

Protects the most vulnerable areas from stone chip damage. Includes the bonnet, bumper, front wings & side mirrors. You can customise this package to include any other painted surface.

From £1300 + VAT

Performance PPF

Front end protection plus A-pillars, roof strip, side skirts, luggage area & rear wheel impact areas. This is our most popular package for a daily driven car and sees all the high-impact areas protected.

From £1700 + VAT

Full Car PPF

Ideal solution for customers seeking complete peace of mind. All exterior painted surfaces are covered for the maximum level of protection. This package ensures your vehicle will stay in pristine condition.

From £3600 + VAT

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Professionally Applied Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film



Preparing the paint is an essential process as it can make the difference between a good install and a perfect install. We always start by giving a vehicle a thorough wash followed by several decontamination stages to remove any bonded contaminants and industrial fallout.

The panels which are having film applied will receive a light machine polish. This ensures any protective coatings that may have been applied are removed so the film will adhere to the surface, eliminating lifting edges.



We use pre-designed templates using Xpel DAP software. This software has the most extensive library of vehicles and offers the best coverage options. It allows us to further modify the patterns by extending edges and deleting cut-outs for badges to fit our customer’s needs.

These pre-designed templates are cut on-site using a Graphtec Plotter and eliminate the need to cut on the vehicle, ensuring no risk of paint damage during installation.



We pride ourselves on the fit and finish of our work, ensuring perfect alignment, and going the extra mile to ensure the paint protection film on your car is as invisible as possible.

Once complete we will prepare the car for collection or ceramic coat the film if this is opted for by the client. Upon collection, we will talk you through the work completed and offer advice on how to maintain your XPEL PPF.

Why Choose Us For PPF

Experience the perfect paint protection film service with ECC, with 10 years of PPF experience being one of the first Xpel trained installers in the UK.

We have vast experience installing PPF to automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and many more. 

The PPF installation service we offer consists of a large variety of processes, using specialist equipment and the best paint protection film on the market, which is why we may charge more than some of our competitors; remember, there’s always someone cheaper, but at what cost? Usually the quality!

We believe it’s our passion for our work that stands us head and shoulders above the competition.

10 years PPF experience

pre-cut patterns

10 year warranty

High quality installs

Xpel factory trained & certified

fully insured with secure facilities

clean & temperature Controlled studio

Paint Protection Film FAQ’s

Why Invest In PPF?

Investing in PPF is a proactive measure that car owners can take to protect their investment and keep their car looking its best for years.

Preserves Resale Value: By protecting the paint from damage, you help maintain the car’s overall condition, which is an important factor for potential buyers when assessing its value.

Superior Protection: PPF provides high protection for your vehicle’s paintwork against bird droppings, swirl marks, chips and scratches caused by stones and other road debris.

Invisible Protection: PPF is virtually invisible and doesn’t alter your cars look, ensuring the original aesthetic is maintained.

Self-Healing Properties: With a self-healing top layer minor scratches and scuffs can repair themselves under heat exposure, keeping the car’s surface looking new.

UV Resistant: PPF prevents discolouration and damage from harmful UV rays, helping to keep your vehicle’s paint colour vibrant and fresh.

Easy to Maintain: With its smooth and stain-resistant surface, PPF makes car cleaning more manageable and eliminates swirl marks from routine washing & drying.

Preservation of Original Paintwork: PPF helps maintain the original appearance of your vehicle’s paint job. It prevents fading, discoloration, and oxidation caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays. The film itself is resistant to yellowing, ensuring that your car’s paint remains vibrant over time.

Long-term Cost Savings: While there is an initial cost associated with having PPF installed to your car, it can save you money in the long run. Repainting damaged panels can be costly, but PPF reduces the risk of such damage, minimizing the need for repainting or touch-ups.

What Is PPF?

Paint protection film (PPF) is an optically clear thermoplastic urethane material applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paintwork from stone chips, chemical stains, vandalism, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

My Car Isn’t New, Can I still Have PPF Applied?

Paint protection film can be installed on pretty much any vehicle at any time. To get the most value out of the product, we recommend installing it when the vehicle is brand new. A car which is a few years old with very low mileage would also be ideal if you wanted to preserve the original finish and prevent new chips from happening. We will ask to inspect your vehicle if it has more than 10,000 miles to verify that it’s a good candidate for PPF.

Any chips and damage under the film will appear as an air bubble and will look somewhat unsightly on a high-mileage car. Touch up paint can be used under certain circumstances, but it is no substitution for a professional refinish from a qualified body shop.

PPF Or Ceramic Coating, Which Is Better?

Ceramic coatings only offer protection against environmental damage, not physical damage like PPF does. If your goal is to improve the appearance of your car and keep it clean for longer, ceramic coatings are a great choice.

However, if your goal is to protect your cars paintwork and keep it looking nice for as long as possible, paint protection film is the best choice. It will protect your cars paint from stone chips, scratches, vandalism and road debris.

We recommend having paint protection film applied to all high-impact areas and then ceramic coating the car for the ultimate protection for your car.

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