Used Car Detailing

Enhance & Restore Your Cars Paintwork From £450

Used Car Detailing & Protection

Our “Used Car Detailing” service is ideal for restoring a new car shine to vehicles that have lost their former lustre or for newly acquired cars that need to be brought back to life.

Porsche Enhancement Detail

Step One

Choose your detailing package. Unsure? Book a free consultation.

Step Two

Select your desired level of ceramic paint protection for ease of maintenance.

Step Three

Choose any optional extras, to give your car that little extra protection!

Used Car Detailing Packages

Enhancement Detail

This service is suited to vehicles that require a lower level of paint correction reducing around 40% of present defects such as light swirls marks and marring.

The aim is to reduce as many defects as possible using a single stage machine polish whilst restoring gloss and clarity into the paint.

We then finish off by protecting the paintwork with a ceramic coating for ease of maintenance.

most popular package

Enhancement Plus Detail

This service is aimed at vehicles with moderate swirl marks and scratches, consisting of 2 stages of machine polishing, achieving up to 80% correction.

This service is perfect for clients seeking to improve the condition of a recent purchase of a second-hand vehicle or bring a new lease of life to an existing daily driver.

We then finish off by protecting the paintwork with a ceramic coating for ease of maintenance.

Correction Detail

This service is designed for vehicles with heavy and severe defects, we are significantly improving the finish by removing all of the swirls, etching from bird droppings and all but the heaviest of scratches.

We can usually achieve a correction of 90 – 95% of paint defects present for an absolutely jaw-dropping standard of finish.

We then finish off by protecting the paintwork with a ceramic coating for ease of maintenance.

Paint Protection Options

18 Month Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq EXOv5

From £110

Applied To All Painted Surfaces

Spray Sealant Applied To Wheel Faces

 Plastics Treated

Tyres Dressed

5 Year Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light

From £185

 Applied To All Painted Surfaces

Spray Sealant Applied To Wheel Faces

 Plastics Treated

Tyres Dressed

9 Year Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra 

From £285

 Applied To All Painted Surfaces

 Spray Sealant Applied To Wheel Faces

 Plastics Treated

Tyres Dressed

Build A Package

Add and remove options to create a personalised quote for your budget. Once you’re happy with your selections, fill out the form with your details, send it, and we will get in touch shortly.

Optional Ceramic Upgrades & Services

Ceramic Wheel Coating


Independently proven to outlast other rim coatings, Gtechniq C5 uses a unique chemical bond to become the functional surface of your rims making them dirt and brake dust repellent as well as being much easier to clean. A single application lasts up to one year.

Glass Treatment


Water displacing glass and windscreen treatment to enhance visibility in wet driving conditions, reducing fatigue and increasing safety. Thanks to this repellent you will not need the use of the windscreen wipers when travelling over 50 mph. This treatment lasts approx 20,000 miles

interior protection


All leather and/or fabric surfaces (seats, dash, door cards etc) cleaned and then protected with an advanced quartz coating specially formulated for interior surfaces (will not change or alter the factory finish). Repels dirt and prevents discolouration, protecting against liquids and UV rays.


Convertible Roof Treatment

Fabric convertible roofs require cleaning and treating in order to prevent the growth of mildew, the build-up of dirt and UV fading! This treatment provides long-lasting protection for fabric soft tops, encasing the fibres in a protective water and dirt-repellent coating forcing contaminants to bead and run off the material.


Luggage Area Protector

Xpel clear invisible paint protection film for the top edge of the rear bumper to protect against chips & scrapes caused by loading items into your boot.

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    Dedicated, perfectionist. I have used Exclusive Car Care for my car detailing for a number of years now and I can say without any doubt, Justin is the best in the business. The fact he runs his own show and personally works on every car, means you can be assured of the quality of work and attention to detail. Always offers great advice and he uses the latest products to make sure your car looks and stays looking it’s best.5*

    Gareth Jennings | Porsche 992 GTS

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