Ceramic Paint Protection For Brand New Cars

Unfortunately, a new car rarely leaves the showroom with adequate protection as well as the perfect paintwork finish. In most cases, new cars need to be machine polished to remove paint imperfections such as machine buffer trails and sanding marks left behind from the production line to bring the gloss and clarity up to its full potential.

The vehicle is usually subject to various contaminants in the air during transportation and long storage times. After which, once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, the vehicle is commonly subject to a quick wash with a dirty sponge and chamois which will, in turn, inflict more damage to the paintwork. This is not the perfect start for your pride and joy.

For this reason alone the “New Car Protection Detail” has been introduced which is far superior to any dealership protection package being offered such as Autoglym Lifeshine, Diamondbrite, Gard X and SupaGuard. Our service will provide the perfect foundations and the car will look better than brand new as well as being protected with a 5 year guaranteed ceramic coating.

You can view examples of this treatment here.

Price: from £450
Duration: 2 – 3 days

  • Wheel arches & wheels cleaned
  • Multi-stage wash using 2 bucket method
  • Clay bar & Fallout Remover used to remove bonded contaminants
  • 1-stage machine polish
  • Paintwork wiped down with isopropyl alcohol (panel wipe)
  • Finished with Gyeon Quartz Q² Syncro Ceramic Coating (upgrades available)
  • Wheel faces protected with spray sealant (full wheel ceramic protection upgrade available)
  • Interior wiped down and vacuumed (deep clean & condition upgrade available)
  • Interior & exterior glass cleaned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Stainless steel/chrome polished & sealed


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Optional Extra’s

Total Surface Protection Bundle
Total Surface Protection Bundle

This bundle includes treatments for the Wheels, Glass, and Interior Leather/Fabric surfaces and is 20% more cost effective than buying each treatment listed below individually, we will also include an ultra-durable coating for your exhaust tips, head lights and tail lights.

Ceramic Wheel Treatment

This wheel treatment uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology-based coatings to significantly reduce contaminants ability to adhere to the wheel surface. Brake dust, dirt, water, oils and grime are repelled, making wheels easier to keep clean during the weekly wash and negating the requirement for harsh wash chemicals. This treatment last approx 12 months.

Glass Treatment
Windscreen & Glass Treatment

Water displacing glass and windscreen treatment to enhance visibility in wet driving conditions, reducing fatigue and increasing safety. Thanks to this repellent you will not need the use of the windscreen wipers when travelling over 50 mph. Keeps windscreens cleaner longer & makes bugs & ice easy to remove. This treatment lasts approx 20,000 miles

Leather/Fabric Treatment
Interior Leather/Fabric Treatment

All leather and/or fabric surfaces (seats, dash, door cards etc) cleaned and then protected with an advanced quartz coating specially formulated for automotive interior surfaces (these coatings will not change or alter the factory finish). Repels dirt and prevents discolouration, protects against liquids and UV rays.

Convertible Roof Treatment
Convertible Roof Treatment

Fabric convertible roofs require cleaning and treating in order to prevent the growth of mildew, the build-up of dirt and UV fading! This treatment provides long-lasting protection for fabric soft tops, encasing the fibres in a protective water and dirt repellent coating forcing contaminants to bead and run off the material.

Luggage Area Protection
Luggage Area Protection

Clear Invisible paint protection for top edge of rear bumper to protect against chips & scrapes caused by loading items in to your boot.


    New Car Protection Detail
    Audi Detailing
    Audi Car Care
    Audi Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra
    New Car Ceramic Protection
    Audi Machine Polish
    Audi Paint Correction


    For those looking for the absolute best protection package, our Ultimate New Car Protection Detail combines our ceramic coating and Paint Protection Film service in one convenient package to enhance and protect your new car.

    This clear material will protect the paintwork from stone chipping and abrasions.

    Xpel Paint Protection Film Installers

    We are Xpel factory trained Paint Protection Film installers in Wiltshire, serving Bristol, Bath & the South West area.

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