BMW M3 (E92) in Jerez Black – Paint Correction & Detailing

BMW M3 (E92) in Jerez Black – Paint Correction & Detailing 1080 607 Exclusive Car Care

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Thanks for taking the time to view another thread from Exclusive Car Care. This time we have a BMW M3 (E92) in Jerez Black that was booked in for paint correction.

Owner made the journey up from Southampton and left me with the car for a few days so I could rectify the damage the dealership/body shop had made. As a new purchase to him one of his conditions was that the bonnet would be re-sprayed which resulted in the rest of the car being “butchered” by someone who does not know how to machine polish correctly. Even the freshly painted bonnet was left with excessive DA sanding marks.

Here is a few photo’s of the paintwork after it was completely stripped of any glazes/fillers or protection.

Polish in vents!!!

The exhaust box is easily visible from behind as the rear end sits quite high so I spent a few minutes tidying this up to make it look a bit more presentable.

As you can clearly see the paintwork was a mess, below are a few photos during the paint correction process

Here is a 50/50 shot

Same shot but outside in direct sunlight

And a few other “Before & Afters”

Once all the machine polishing stages were complete paint was prepped with Wolfs Shine & Seal and then a coat of Wolfs Hard Body applied followed by a second coat the following day.

The end result with the sun showing the true, defect-free condition of the Jerez Black paintwork!!

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