Xpel Stealth PPF

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Whether your vehicle is matte, magno, frozen or frosted, Xpel Stealth PPF will keep it looking effortlessly pristine.

By matching the appearance of factory flat paint, XPEL STEALTH™ virtually disappears once installed. With a finish that’s uniformly smooth, you won’t see where protection starts or stops from one panel to the next.


Want your car to look different than the other 99% of cars on the road? XPEL STEALTH provides a sleek satin finish to any gloss painted colour while also providing exceptional protection from wear and tear. 

10 Year Warranty

Virtually Invisible

Prevents Wear & Tear

Stain Resistant


Easy Maintenance

Xpel Stealth PPF

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Full Car CONVERSION (Gloss to Matte Finish)

XPEL STEALTH provides a sleek satin finish to any colour it is applied to.

Full body coverage provides a unique look and the ultimate peace of mind knowing that all painted surfaces are protected both from stone chips and other wear and tear.

There is no better way to make a vehicle stand out and keep it in great condition than full exterior coverage in Xpel Stealth.

From £4000 + VAT


Matte / satin paint is notoriously hard to take care of as any stain or scratch to the finish cannot be repaired via traditional detailing methods. XPEL STEALTH is the best way to protect your factory Matte paint from stone chips, wear and tear, and anything else the world throws at it. STEALTH perfectly matches the factory finish and provides an easy to clean protected surface. 

Coverage options include: Full Frontal Package, Track Package & Full Body Coverage

From £1400 + VAT

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How Do We Apply XPEL PPF?



Preparing the paint is an essential process as it can make the difference between a good install and a perfect install. We always start by giving a vehicle a thorough wash followed by several decontamination stages to remove any bonded contaminants, industrial fallout & protective coatings that may have been applied.



We use pre-designed templates using Xpel DAP software. This software has the most extensive library of vehicles and offers the best coverage options. It allows us to further modify the patterns by extending edges and deleting cut-outs for badges to fit our customer’s needs.

These pre-designed templates are cut on-site using a Graphtec Plotter and eliminate the need to cut on the vehicle, ensuring no risk of paint damage during installation.



We pride ourselves on the fit and finish of our work, ensuring perfect alignment, and going the extra mile to ensure the paint protection film on your car is as invisible as possible.

Once complete we will prepare the car for collection or ceramic coat the film if this is opted for by the client. Upon collection, we will talk you through the work completed and offer advice on how to maintain your XPEL PPF.

trusted & highly experienced installers

Why Choose Us For PPF Installation

Exclusive Car Care was founded upon professionalism in everything we do. From the first contact, through the services process, to final delivery, our customers are treated with the highest levels of respect and professionalism to ensure that the customer experience is as good as the quality of service.

The PPF installation service we offer consists of a large variety of processes, using specialist equipment and the best paint protection film on the market, which is why we may charge more than some of our competitors; remember, there’s always someone cheaper, but at what cost? Usually the quality!

We believe it’s our passion for our work that stands us head and shoulders above the competition.

8 years PPF experience

Xpel factory trained & certified

10 year warranty

fully insured with secure facilities

clean & temperature Controlled studio

pre-cut patterns

High quality installs


I took my BMW M3 CS to Justin for full PPF coverage. I have proper “car OCD” so Im always keeping them clean and in mint condition. I chose Justin because of the positive feedback given by one of my mates, also a car nut. All I can say is the quality of the work is off the scale good. I’ve had PPF fitted before to a brand new M5 a few years ago and that was a really good job, that I was very happy with, but Justin's work is at a whole new level. It’s as good as impossible to see any of the edges and the overall finish is just superb. The attention to detail is amazing. I have very high standards, probably unreasonably so, and Justin has exceeded them. No joke. Awesome job is all I can say, and a massive thank you to Justin.

David Marcussen | BMW M3 CS

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