Protecting a Porsche 911 (996) with Paint Protection Film

The car in question, a very low mileage Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4S in silver. With the bodywork in near-perfect condition due to a recent front end re-spray, the owner was keen to have the front end protected as soon as possible, in order to keep it free from stone chips.

Upon arrival, the car needed very little in the way of preparatory work as the owner is an enthusiast detailer. Every car receives a thorough wash, iron decontamination, clay bar treatment and a machine polish before we start with the Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation. For this Porsche, the client opted for our Full Frontal Package so we covered the front bumper, full hood, full front wings (fenders), side mirrors, and rear wheel impact area with SunTek Paint Protection Film. SunTek Ultra carries a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

After coverage is chosen, we pre-design using the Xpel DAP Design Software, this allows us to custom wrap edges and extend coverage where we see fit before any piece of film touches the car. The computer generated templates are then cut in-house using a Graphtec 8600 Plotter.

Porsche 996 Paint Protection Film

Now that the film is ready, it is time to install. We take every possible step to ensure a clean install. We use gel as our slip solution which allows the film to float over the painted panel completely while being positioned in place. This means the adhesive only interacts with the paint when it is ready to be placed in it’s perfect position. Not having to lift up film and re position adhesive that has already stuck to an area helps keep our install invisible.

The bonnet piece aligned into place prior to being squeegeed to remove the excess installation gel. We removed the Porsche bonnet crest allowing an installation free of a visible “cutout”. We will reinstall it later, on top of the film.

Halfway through installation of the bonnet.

After the film on the bonnet had some time to dry, we come back and wrap the edges for a seamless look.

On this install we removed the headlights and side indicators so we could wrap and tuck the film edges into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible ensuring a cleaner install.

We also extended the film to allow us to wrap the edges of the film into the filler cap opening for a clean seamless look.

The film extended to wrap into the door shut.

Halfway through fitting the paint protection film to the front bumper.

Once the film installation was complete we left it over night to allow the film to settle before protecting it with two coats of Gtechniq EXOv3, the remaining bodywork was coated with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and topped with EXOv3.

And it’s complete! Perfect paint, high gloss, and long term protection.

The photo below shows how optically clear the paint protection film is. Can you tell which panel has the film on it?? The panel on the right is covered.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our recap of this Porsche project, We really enjoyed being able to protect this Porsche 996 for the road going forward.  If your car is looking old and tired, or your new car needs protecting, look no further.  We are the destination for top quality vehicle detailing, paint correction, and paint protection services in the South West region.

Give us a call today on 01225 571161 and we can customise a package of car care services for the needs of you and your vehicle.

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