Xpel Ultimate PPF & Gtechniq Protection for a Carrera White Metallic Porsche 991.2 GT3

The owner of this Porsche 991.2 GT3 painted in Carrera White Metallic wanted his brand new pride and joy to receive the best start in life so booked it in for our New Car Preparation & Protection Detail along with fitment of Xpel Paint Protection Film to some areas of the car.

The first job upon arrival was to wash down the car using our super-safe 2 bucket wash procedure to rid the car of some of the contaminants it could have picked up.

Although this Porsche 991 GT3 is new there were lots of sanding marks and buffer induced holograms on both front and rear bumpers along with the rear spoiler and deck lid, these came from the factory during the paint stages. These DA sanding marks and haze resulted in a very dull flat finish.

With paint measurements taken the next step was to settle on a polish and pad combination that would remove as much defects as possible whilst also removing as little clear coat as possible.

The spoiler was removed so we could polish the area fully to ensure all defects were completely removed, this wouldn’t have been possible with the spoiler attached due to clearance.

The rear badges were removed as paint protection film was to be applied here, the badges were to be replaced with a vinyl “GT3” decal.

Once the cutting stages were completed the whole car was machine polished with a fine polish to increase the gloss and clarity and leave a superior shine before fitment of paint protection film.

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film – Porsche 991.2 GT3

With the carrera white metallic paintwork now free of imperfections it was then time to apply some PPF (paint protection film) to some areas of the Porsche. The customer requested we protect the bonnet, bumper, front wings, side skirts, side mirrors and rear bumper with paint protection film to protect these vulnerable areas from stone chips and other minor abrasions. On this install we used Xpel Ultimate which is self healing and is backed by a manufacturer’s ten-year warranty.

All patterns are computer cut in house using a Graphtec FC8600-160 cutting plotter.

Once the PPF was installed we went about applying some vinyl decals to the car. “PORSCHE” (for sides), GT3 (for rear bumper) and “4.0” (spoiler uprights)

With the PPF and decals applied we went about protecting the car, the paintwork which wasnt covered in paint protection film was protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum. Once cured Crystal Serum virtually impervious to harsh wash chemicals, industrial and environmental fallout. This is backed with a manufacturers 7 year warranty.

After Crystal Serum had cured two coats of Gtechniq EXO V3 was applied on top (including the panels which had paint protection film). This top layer sealant adds an extra level of slickness whilst increasing the hydrophobic properties of the final finish.

The glass was treated with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass. This coating forms a hydrophobic barrier which causes rain water to roll in to beads on contact which improves visibility in wet weather. The wheels and brake calipers were coated with Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour. This coating bonds with the wheels surface to provide comprehensive protection from road grime and brake dust build-up and makes cleaning easier and negates the requirement for strong acid or alkaline-based cleaners.

Interior was given a vacuum and wiped down along with treating the fabric upholstery with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric and the leather surfaces with Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard

Once the finishing checks and touches were made, the GT3 was ready for its new owner to go and enjoy without the worry of picking up any stone chips.

If you’d like a similar treatment carried out on your new Porsche give us a call today! Call us on 01225 571161 or email us for a quote at justin@exclusivecarcare.co.uk

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